A Periodical for the Sarcoma Community

August 2008 - Volume 5, Number 4

Some Important Milestones: Over $1 Million Dollars Raised and 21 Research Studies Funded

Editorial by Bruce Shriver, PhD

PET and Sarcoma

CTOS Op Ed: Janet Eary, MD and Ernest Conrad, MD contend that time has come for PET imaging to be accepted by the sarcoma community as an important contributor of patient specific information for treatment planning and assessment.

High throughput miRNA expression profiling for well differentiated and de-differentiated liposarcoma

In this experimental plan, Dina Lev, MD and Matt van de Rijn, MD, PhD describe their research to identify unique microRNA expression profiles of well differentiated and de-differentiated liposarcoma.

PEDF: a potential therapeutic agent for osteosarcoma

In this experimental plan, Peter Choong, MD and Crispin Dass, PhD describe their research into PEDF which combines basic science investigations with a prominent translational element.

A Mouse Model of Chordoma

In this experimental plan, Brain Harfe, PhD describes his research into the development of a mouse model for chordoma which has the potential to speed up the development of new therapies for chordoma.

EWS/FLI and its targets in Ewing’s sarcoma: a progress report and future directions

In this study report, Stephen Lessnick, MD, PhD describes research that is focused on understanding the function of NR0B1 in Ewing’s sarcoma.

The International Sarcoma Awareness Week

Bruce Shriver and Mary Sorens summarize the 2008 iSAW and describe infrastructure enhancements for the 2009 Team Sarcoma Initiative events.


$25,000 Leiomyosarcoma Research Grant Awarded

The Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative has awarded a $25,000 grant to researchers of the Women’s Cancer Research Institute at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.