Chordoma Research

The Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative is pleased to support chordoma research. Chordoma is a rare tumor that is traditionally treated with surgery and radiation therapy. More effective and less damaging treatments are needed to save and improve the lives of those dealing with chordoma.

The following research studies were funded by the Initiative after sarcoma experts agreed that they were clinically relevant and scientifically sound:

A Mouse Model of Chordoma

A Mouse Model of Chordoma$50,000 Grant: In this study, Dr. Harfe began work to create a mouse model of chordoma. At the end of the study, he planned to use the same approach with two additional genes in order to achieve this goal.

This study was co-funded by the Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative and the Chordoma Foundation in August 2008. It was made possible, in part, by a very generous gift from Michael Torrey.

The Targeted Treatment of Chordoma

$25,000 Grant: In this study, Dr. Silvana Pilotti in Milan, Italy, planned to monitor a group of patients' response to imatinib and to attempt to find a second-line therapy for patients who develop resistance to imatinib.

This study was funded by the Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initaitive in April 2007. It was made possible, in part, by the generosity of Stephen, Sally, and Eric Norcross in loving memory of Alison Norcross, and by the generosity of Katherine Stadler and the former Bone Cancer International organization.

Tissue Sample Study in a Phase II Trial of Dasatinib

$25,000 Grant: This tissue study was performed in conjunction with a clinical trial on several types of sarcoma, including chordoma.