A Periodical for the Sarcoma Community

April 2008 - Volume 5, Number 2

The International Sarcoma Awareness Week: July 12-20, 2008

Editorial by Bruce Shriver, PhD

Aggressive Fibromatosis: A Problem for the Sarcoma Team

CTOS Op Ed: Randall Burt, MD and David Viskochil, MD, PhD. state that desmoid tumor care optimally involves the sarcoma team, gastroenterologists and geneticists.

Sarcomas and Cancer Predisposition Syndromes

Abha Gupta, MD and David Malkin, MD review common genetic or heritable conditions associated with sarcomas.

Buying a Cure

Jerome Groopman, MD provides insight into funding research in rare diseases.

Participatory Medicine and E-Patients

Gilles Frydman and Bruce Shriver discuss an emerging and important paradigm in healthcare.

Some Advice for the Newly Diagnosed: with a US Armed Forces Emphasis

Doug Belvin, a sarcoma survivor, gives advice to newly diagnosed sarcoma patients based on his own experience.