Dr. Crystal Mackall

Dr. Laaurence H. BakerCrystal L. Mackall is Chief of the Pediatric Oncology Branch of the National Cancer Institute. She completed an accelerated 6-year B.S./M.D. program at the Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine in 1984 followed by a combined Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Residency in 1988. She came to the NCI in 1989 as a Clinical Associate in the Pediatric Oncology Branch, where she completed her clinical subspecialty training in 1992. She is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Pediatric Hematology/Oncology.

Dr. Mackall undertook postdoctoral scientific training in the Experimental Immunology Branch from 1990-1996. Since that time she has directed an independent research effort in the Pediatric Oncology Branch.

Dr. Mackall has received international recognition for her work on T cell homeostasis and tumor immunology and she leads an active translational research program which incorporates basic studies of immunology with clinical trials of immunotherapy for pediatric cancer. She is the recipient of numerous awards including the NIH Distinguished Clinical Teacher Award in 2000, an NCI Mentor of Merit Award in 2003, and the NCI Director's Award in 2003. She has authored over 100 scientific publications and is a member of the American Society of Clinical Investigation. She was appointed Acting Chief of the Pediatric Oncology Branch in 2005 and was formally named Chief of the POB in 2008.

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