The Initiative's Sponsors and Friends

The Initiative is supported by hundreds of individuals, families and organizations that share our belief in the importance of funding sarcoma research and assisting the global sarcoma community.


The following sponsors have generously helped us to support families affected by sarcoma and to pay the administrative costs of our educational and supportive outreach.


Herbert B. Blodgett
Donna Lee Owens
Bruce and Beverly Shriver


The Kristen Ann Carr Fund
The Miles Levin Fund



We actively seek out advocacy groups and individuals to help us fund research studies that have been recommended through our peer-review process. By combining financial resources, we stretch our research dollars and fund more substantive research studies jointly than we could fund independently.

The following individuals and organizations have made significant contributions that have led to the funding of one or more of our research grants. Many of them have also devoted an incredible amount of time and effort to the cause.


Peter Cheung
Cliff and Arlene Blaker
Arlo and Susan Ellison
Cathy Farrell and Peter Kiener
Richard and Pat Malley
Donna Lee Owens
John (Larry) Seymour, MD
Laura Somerville
Bruce and Beverly Shriver
Tom Swartz
Truus van der Spek


Alan B. Slifka Foundation
Amschwand Sarcoma Cancer Foundation
Be A Super Hero 5k
Bone Cancer International
Brandon’s Defense Foundation
Brian Morden Foundation
Center for Research and Analysis of Vascular Tumors
Chordoma Foundation
Fishin' For The Cure
Foster Foundation
Jack Langseder 4evrSTRONG Foundation
Jim Hauser Sarcoma Foundation
Jordan Paganelli Sarcoma Foundation
Keepin' it Kevin
Leiomyosarcoma Direct Research Foundation
Nick Teddy Foundation
Peter Skelton Sarcoma Research Foundation
Reid R. Sacco Memorial Foundation
Sarah’s Garden of Hope
Soccer ‘Round the Clock
Strike Out Sarcoma
Synovial Sarcoma Research Foundation
Team Sammie
Thumbs up for Lane Goodwin Childhood Cancer Foundation
Sarcoma Slayers, Ltd.
The Wendy Walk

Honored Friends

The following individuals have inspired donations that have funded our research grants.

Sara Alan
Kenny Allen
Todd Andrews
Matthew Beaver
Steve Bither
Merril Blodgett
Dave Bradley
Logan Brasic
Rose Burt
Chelsea Byers
Steve Byrne
Christie Campbell
Lauren Chelenza
Jonah Chrisman
Sara Corbelli
Harper Creek
Dr. Matthew DiCaprio
Shane Duffy
Alex Franke
Nick Gibboni
Craig Goris
Ryan Glenny
Brandon Gordon
Denise Grove
Tom Hand
Teal Harris
Sammie Hartsfield
Mike Homan
Sean Keane
James Keating
Gavin Kiener
Emma Koertzen
Lucia Kramer
Amy Kropp
Suzanne Kurtz
Carly Laverty
Rachel Lozano
Brendon Martin

Ron Martin
Ashley Miller
Teri Marriage-Kuespert
Elizabeth Munroz
Alison Norcross
Adrianne Pfeiffer
Richard Pollak
Paul Onvlee
Conor O'Sullivan
Grant Peterson
Adrianne Pfeiffer
Sarah Pidgeon
Richard Pollak
Brad Rice
Max Ritvo
Joe Rivas
Lorelynn Roat
Anna Rogotzke
Ronald Rosenfeld
Paul Roth
Shannon Ryan
Frank Shafer
Marc Shinebarger Family
Liddy Shriver
Matthew Siegle
Peter Skelton
Krystle Smith
Mary Sorens
Scott Stafford
Allen Strehlow
James Stulce
Michael Torrey
Mary Anne Voeglie
Mary Elizabeth Weigand
Jeremy Weingrod
Dillon Wolford
Tim Yeates
Jeremy Zimmer