A Periodical for the Sarcoma Community

October 2007 - Volume 4, Number 5

Guidelines for Authors and Reviewers

Editorial by Bruce Shriver

NF1 patients: risks for sarcoma and the expedited referral of concerning cases

CTOS Op Ed: Dr. Viskochil discusses a few rare hereditary conditions that carry an increased risk for sarcoma.

From A Nurse's Perspective: Palliative Care

Denise Reinke, Debra Mattison, and Kathy Szakatis discuss palliative care.

Prompt, Accurate Diagnosis of Pediatric Cancer and Leukemia: A Book for Pediatricians, Orthopedists, and Family Practitioners

Barry Sugarman describes the background that has led to a new book in the battle against pediatric cancer.

Personal Journeys

We highlight personal journeys by Rachel Baumgartner, Stephanie Remsing, and April Brenneman.